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Military Specification & Conformance Paints

A.) Military Specification Paints
        I) Epoxies
        II) Primers
        III) Polyurethane
        IV) Enamels
        V) High Temp. Paints
        VI) Thinners
        VII) Misc.
        VIII) MIL-P-24441 Formula 150-162
        IX) MIL-DTL-24441/24631 Formula 150-162/184-185
        X) MILVAR/MILSPEC Varnishes
B.) Conformance Paints
        I) Corps of Engineers
        II) Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC)
        III) American Waterworks Association (AWWA)
        IV) Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD)

A.) Military Specification Paints
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-P-24441 TYPE-I, II
Epoxy polyamide primers, & topcoats, various colors, formulas 150 through 162
Epoxy polyamide primers, & topcoats, various colors, Formula 150-162
MIL-DTL-24631A TYPE-I, II (PDF Format)
Camouflage paint for submarines, Formula 184-187
MIL-PRF-23236 (PDF Format)
Coating systems, fuel & salt water, ballast tank Type 1, Class 1 & 2
MIL-PRF-22750E (PDF Format)
Coating, epoxy, VOC compliant
MIL-PRF-23377 Primer coatings, epoxy, chemical and solvent resistant
MIL-DTL-53022B (PDF Format)
Primer, epoxy coating, corrosion inhibiting (Lead & chromate free)
MIL-PRF-4556F (PDF Format)
Coating kit, epoxy, steel tank, interior composition G
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-P-15328 Primer, pretreatment formula 117-green
MIL-P-15328 (Chromate Free) Chromate Free Pretreatment Primer
MIL-C-8514 Metal Pretreatment Coating Compound, polyvinyl butyral type
MIL-P-21035 TYPE 1 Paint: High zinc dust content galvanizing repair
MIL-P-11414E Primer alkyd, fast dry corrosion inhibiting (L & C free) VOC compliant
TT-P-645B (PDF Format)
Primer, paint, zinc-molybdate, alkyd type
TT-P-664D (PDF Format)
Primer coating, alkyd, corrosion-inhibiting, lead & chromate free, VOC compliant
TT-P-1757 Primer coatings, alkyd base, one component, VOC compliant
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-C-46168 Camouflage Polyester & Aliphatic Polyurethane
MIL-PRF-85285D Polyurethane Coating for Aircraft & Support Equipment
Specification Number Specification Description
DOD-E-24607A (PDF Format)
Chlorinated alkyd enamel, non-flaming
MIL-DTL-15090D (PDF Format)
Enamel, equipment, light gray (Navy formula No. III)
MIL-E-1115D (PDF Format)
Enamel, Interior & Exterior alkyd white (Formula No. 30)
MIL-E-24763A (SH) Enamel, emulsion type (For shipboard use)
MIL-PRF-24635B (PDF Format)
Enamel, silicone alkyd copolymer
T-823 (TT-P-38D) Paint, aluminum, ready mixed
TT-E-489 Enamel alkyd, gloss, class A, various colors (Low VOC content)
T-7001 (TT-E-490) Enamel, silicone alkyd, semi-gloss, various colors
TT-E-515 Enamel, alkyd, lusterless, quick dry
TT-E-516 Enamel, alkyd, lusterless, quick dry styrenated alkyd type
TT-E-527D Enamel, alkyd, lusterless
TT-E-529 Enamel, alkyd, semi-gloss
T-7010 (TT-E-1593B) Enamel, silicone alkyd copolymer, gloss (exterior/interior use)
High Temp. Paint:
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-P-14105D (PDF Format)
Paint: Heat resisting (For steel surfaces) 1400 F
TT-P-28F Paint aluminum, heat resistant (1200 F)
Specification Number Specification Description
Alkyd resin-spar varnish
Pure phenolic linseed/tung oil based varnish (Type I & II)
Pure phenolic linseed/tung oil based water resisting spar varnish
Varnish mixing for aluminum, TYPE-I
Pure phenolic linseed/tung oil spar and mixing varnish for aluminum paint
Tung oil/pure phenolic resin based varnish, clear or tinted
MIL-V-16399A, Type B
Varnish TYPE A & B
Moisture & fungus resistance varnish
Linseed/tung oil based mixing varnish for aluminum paint
Asphalt varnish, gloss black
Specification Number Specification Description
MIL-T-19588 Toluene, MIBK mixture
MIL-T-81772 Thinner, TYPE I, II, III
TT-N-95B Naptha aliphatic
TT-N-97B Naptha aromatic
TT-T-291 Thinner, mineral spirits
TT-T-295 Thinner, mineral spirits, odorless
TT-T-306C Thinner, synthetic resin & enamel
Specification Number Specification Description
A-A-3120 Swimming pool paint
A-A3121/TT-P-91 Paint, rubber-base for interior use (concrete & masonry floors)
A-A-3183 Paint, latex, exterior (for wood & masonry)
A-A-50570 Waterbased acrylic semigloss for metal surfaces
MIL-C-10578D Corrosion removing & metal conditioning compound (TYPE I-IV)
MIL-DTL-85054C Corrosion preventive compound, TYPE-II
MIL-P-15931F Vinyl antifouling paint, red & black, class 1 & 2 (Formulas No. 121, 121A, 129, 129A)
MIL-P-24380B Paint, anchor chain, solvent type, gloss black
TT-P-19D Acrylic emulsion latex exterior wood & masonry
TT-P-115 Traffic paint (hwy: white & yellow
TT-P-320C Aluminum paste TYPE-I & II, class 2
TT-P-2118 Tree marking paint
TT-P-1952 (Fasttrack-1952) Paint, traffic & airfield marking, waterborne

B.) Conformance Paints
Corps of Engineers' Paints:
Specification Number Specification Description
Formula E-303
Formula E-303d (PDF Format)
Epoxy Zinc-Rich Paint
Formula V-102e Vinyl-Type Ready Mixed Aluminum Paint
Formula V-103c Black Pigmented Vinyl Paint
Formula V-107e Vinyl-Type Aluminum Paint
Formula V-766
Formula V-766e (PDF Format)
Vinyl-Type White or Gray Paint
Formula VZ-108
Formula VZ-108d (PDF Format)
Vinyl-Type Zinc Rich Primer
Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC) Paints:
Specification Number Specification Description
SSPC-Paint #11 Red oxide, zinc chromate, alkyd primer
SSPC-Paint #16 Coaltar epoxy polyamide paint, black or dark red
SSPC-Paint #20 Zinc rich primer, TYPE I & II
SSPC-Paint #25 Corrosion Inhibiting Alkyd Primer Oxide Red
SSPC-Paint #101 Aluminum paint, Leafing (TYPE I), Non-Leafing (TYPE-II)
SSPC-Paint #104 Low VOC Alkyd Based Paint

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Liquid Epoxy Coating Systems for the Interior and Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines
Specification Number Specification Description
Primer Coat
ANSI/AWWA Primer C210-84
2 part, rust inhibitive epoxy polyamide, primer gray
Top Coat
2 part, coal tar epoxy topcoat, black

Louisiana Dept of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD)
(A) Bridge Coating System, F/Maintenance (DOTD Spec No. MS-285-003, 4/91)
DOTD Stock No. Description
Primer, first coat, corrosion inhibitive alkyd paint
18-03-2020 Primer, second/intermediate coat, corrosion inhibitive alkyd paint
18-03-2030 Topcoat, aluminum vehicle w/paste, AASHTO designtation M-69, Type-I
(B) Three Coat Waterborne Bridge Coating System
DOTD Stock No. Description
18-03-1353 W.B. Acrylic based 1st primer coat, Lt. red
18-03-1363 W.B. Acrylic based 2nd primer coat, Dark red
18-03-1373 W.B. Acrylic based topcoat, Louisiana gray
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