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Description: SSPC Paint # 104 is a low gloss, low VOC alkyd based paint suitable to be used as an intermediate or topcoat over properly primed steel substrates.

Technical Data

Type Alkyd Resin
Color Light to Med. Green/Low sheen
Solids by Weight: 73-74%
Solids by Volume: 55-56%
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: Approx. 1.5 -2.0 Mils.
SAG Resistance (min) 6
Flash Point 104F
Drying Time Hours @ 77F (25 C):
Dry hard: 18 hours (max)
Recommended Thinner Mineral Spirits

Directions for Use:
This paint is intended for use as an intermediate or finish coat over rust inhibitive primers on structural steel, over itself, or over other oleoresinous paints, All oil, grease, dust, and loose or non-adherent paint shall be removed, as residues of oil and grease remaining on the surface will result in decreased paint performance. If the undercoat is damaged, the steel shall be spot-cleaned and spot-primed with rust inhibitive primer.

Mix paint thoroughly before use. If the pigment has settled, pour off most of the liquid. Thoroughly mix the pigment with the remaining liquid, taking care to scrape all the pigment off the bottom of the can. Gradually add the poured-off liquid and mix thoroughly. Mixing may be made easier by transferring contents to a larger container or by pouring the paint to and from another container. Examine bottom of container for unmixed pigment. Screen paint before applying.

Thin paint only if necessary, using only mineral spirits. For brush application under normal conditions, no thinning should be necessary. For spray applications, add up to one pint of thinner per gallon of paint when necessary.

Apply by brush or spray to the specified film thickness or, if none is specified to at least 1.5 mils (38 microns) dry or approximately 3.0 mils (75 microns) wet. The surface to be painted shall be dry; the surface temperature shall be at least 5 F (3 C) above the dew point; and the temperature of the air shall be over 40 F (4 C) Do not paint outdoors in rainy weather or if freezing temperature are expected before the paint dries.

Allow paint to dry for at least 18 hrs. in good weather before re-coating.

Safety Precautions:
(A) Use normal precautions such as gloves, facemasks.
(B) Adequate ventilation must be maintained.
(C) Explosion proof lights & electrical equipment.
(D) Non-Sparking shoes & tools for workers in area.
(E) This product contains flammable materials. Forbid all flames, smoking and welding in work area.
(F) Avoid breathing of vapor, contact with skin or eyes. If product comes in contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical attention.

The technical data listed herein has been compiled for your convenience and guidance, and is based upon our experience and knowledge. However, since we have no control over the use of this information of this product, no warranty expressed or implied, is intended or given. Simco Coatings, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for coverage, performance, or any other damages, including injuries resulting from use of this information or of products recommended herein.

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