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Generic Type: Two-component modified Epoxy Polyamide.

General Properties: Solokote-3160 is a high solids, rust inhibiting heavy bodied, high build epoxy primer/finish with excellent build characteristics, developed for use as a primer/finish one coat system or as a primer in a high build multi coat system depending upon performance requirements. The product contains optimum amounts of corrosion inhibiting pigments for prevention of rust undercutting. The unique formulation of the coating provides excellent water and crude oil resistance and can be applied over a tight rust surface in non-immersion conditions.

Recommended Uses: Interior & Exterior of brine water, process & treating tanks, tank roofs, pipe racks, & structures subject to marine or chemical exposure where corrosion protection & appearance is desired.

Technical Data

Color and Finish: Off white, red oxide, gray, aluminum, orange, eggshell finish
Application Temperature Normal Minimum Maximum
Ambient Air: 60-90 F 50 F 120 F
Material: 65-85 F 55 F 90 F
Surface: 65-85 F 50 F 100 F
Humidity: 20-80 % 0 % 85 %
Temperature Resistance
Continuous: 110 F
Intermittent: 140 F
Percent Solids by Volume
(Part A&B Mixed):
Approx. 84 1% depending upon color
Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 1330 sq. ft. per gal. @ 1 mil.
Flash Point: 84 F
Recommended DFT: 10-16 mils
Wet: 12-20 mils
Dry: 10-16 mils
Drying Time: @ 50 F @ 70 F @ 90 F
Set to touch: 12 hrs. 6 hrs. 3 hrs.
Recoat Time: 48 hrs. 24 hrs. 12 hrs.
Non-Immersion: 10 days 2 days 1 day
Immersion - 5 days 8 days
Shelf Life: 12 months
Pot Life: 3-4 hrs. @ 70 F
Mixing Ratio: 4:1 by volume
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 1.1 lbs. / Gallon
Recommended Thinner: T-1 Thinner

Surface Preparation:
Remove grease, dirt, oil and other foreign matter by suitable cleaning methods. SOLOKOTE-3160 may be applied over surfaces blasted to a "Near-White" metal according to SSPC-SP10 or to surfaces primed with approved shop primers. In many cases this product may also be applied over a hand or power tool prepared surface of tight rust.

Application Data:
Method of Application:

Spray Guns:
Conventional Fluid Tip Air Cap
Devilbiss-MBC-510 D 64
Binks-Model 18 66 or 68 63 PB or 68 PB

Graco - 30 : 1 ratio with 206718 gun or speeflo commander 30 with H gun - .-019 or .031 orifice. The substrate temperature before coating should be 5-7 F above the dew point.

Agitate Part A with jiffy mixer to reduce viscosity of material. Thoroughly mix component B for a few minutes. Below 65 F allow 30 minutes induction time before application. Apply in well atomized spray coat overlapping each pass 50%. May be thinned up to 1 pint per gallon with T-1 Thinner.

Safety Precautions:
(A) Use normal precautions such as gloves, facemasks.
(B) Adequate ventilation must be maintained.
(C) Explosion proof lights & electrical equipment.
(D) Non-Sparking shoes & tools for workers in area.
(E) This product contains flammable materials. Forbid all flames, smoking and welding in work area.
(F) Avoid breathing of vapor, contact with skin or eyes. If product comes in contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical attention.

The technical data listed herein has been compiled for your convenience and guidance, and is based upon our experience and knowledge. However, since we have no control over the use of this information of this product, no warranty expressed or implied, is intended or given. Simco Coatings, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for coverage, performance, or any other damages, including injuries resulting from use of this information or of products recommended herein.

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