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Description: Seaguard 50-2 is formulated with chlorinated rubber and has fast set and recoat time. It is designed to provide extended protection for up to 24 months to underwater hull and other submerged equipment.

Recommended Uses: Recommended for use on barges, ships, boats and drilling vessels. Suitable for steel, wood and fiber glass substrates.

Technical Data

Color: Red, black
Finish: Low gloss
Vehicle Type: Chlorinated Rubber
Pigment Type: Cuprous Oxide, Zinc Oxide
Solvent Type: Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Flash Point: 83 F
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): 496 gm/litre (4.14 lbs. / gal.)
Solids by Volume: 42.0%
Recommended DFT: 3-4 mils / coat
Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 700 sq.ft. / gal. @ 1.0 mil.
Number of Coats Required: Two (2)
Drying Time @ 75 F:
To touch: 1 hr.
To recoat: 4 hrs.
To service: 8 hrs.
Recommended Primer: Chlorinated Rubber Primer Aluminum
Recommended Solvent: Use R-650 Chlor. Rubber Thinner

This anti-fouling paint must be in water within 24 hours after the last coat is applied. Failure to comply can result in poor performance. Not recommended for fiberglass and aluminum surfaces.

Surface Preparation:
Steel: Apply only over recommended anticorrosive primers - never to bare metal. Remove grease, dirt, oil, dust and other foreign matter by suitable cleaning methods.
Wood: Remove all loose adhering paint by scraping and wire brushing.

Application Data:
Apply by brush, spray or roller.

Conventional Spray:
Devilbiss MBC-510 spray gun, "E" Fluid Tip, #704, 765 or #78 Air Cap, Bink #18 spray gun, 66 Tip, 66 PE or 63 PB Nozzle.

Airless Spray:
Use of spray tips with 0.015" to 0.021" orifice is suggested, depending on available pressure and job conditions. Use brush for small areas or for touchups.

This is a one - package product, mix well before and during application to assure even pigment distribution.

This product is intended for industrial use only and is not intended to use in or around a household or dwelling.

Safety Precautions:
During application take normal precautions such as wearing safety gloves, face masks and eye shields. Adequate ventilation must be maintained when applying this product in confined spaces. Observe all statutory local by-laws with respect to health and safety together with the laws governing storage of flammable liquid products. Keep material away from sparks and open flames. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

The technical data listed herein has been compiled for your convenience and guidance, and is based upon our experience and knowledge. However, since we have no control over the use of this information of this product, no warranty expressed or implied, is intended or given. Simco Coatings, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for coverage, performance, or any other damages, including injuries resulting from use of this information or of products recommended herein.

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