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Description: E-303d is a three component Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer. High levels of Zinc Dust and adhesions of epoxy polyamide binders ensure excellent cathodic protection against rust and undercutting. Contains approximately 90% Zinc Dust by weight in the dry film.

Recommended Uses: Chemical, Power and Water Treatment Plants, Refineries, Bridges, Barges, Ships and Drilling Rigs.

Conformance: The product is formulated according to Corps. of Engineers Spec No. E-303d.

Technical Data

Generic Type: Epoxy Polyamide
Color and Sheen: Bluish Gray; Flat
Solids by Weight: 86.0%
Solids by Volume: 55 %
Flash Point: 45 F
Theoretical Coverage: Apprx. 850 Sq.Ft./Gal. @ 1.0 Mil
Mixing Ratio: A: B: C: 1 Gal.: 1 Gal.: 0.85 Gallon
Weight/Gallon (Mixed): 22.50 0.1
Volatile Organic Compounds: 3.0 Lbs./Gallon or 360 Grm./Litre
Number of Components: Three- Packaged as:
(i) One Gallon Component-A
(ii) One Gallon Component-B
(iii) .85 Gallon (50 lbs.) Zinc Dust Component-C
Drying Time:
To touch: 30 Minutes
Through Dry: 6-8 Hrs.

Dry Film Thickness: 2-3 Mils or as specified by Corps of Engineers

Surface Preparation:
Surfaces to be painted shall be clean before applying paint or surface treatments.
Deposits of grease or oil shall be removed in accordance with SSPC SP 1, prior to mechanical cleaning. Solvent cleaning shall be accomplished with mineral spirits or other low-toxicity solvents having a flash point above 100 degrees (F). Clean cloths and clean fluids shall be used to avoid leaving a thin film of greasy residue on the surfaces being cleaned. Items not to be prepared or coated shall be protected from damage by the surface preparation methods. Machinery shall be protected against entry of blast abrasive and dust into working parts. Cleaning and painting will be programmed such that dust or other contaminants from the cleaning process do not fall on wet, newly painted surfaces. Furthermore, areas not intended to be painted shall be suitably protected from the effects of cleaning and painting operations. Welding in the vicinity of previously painted surfaces shall be conducted in a manner to prevent weld spatter from striking the paint and to otherwise reduce coating damage to a minimum. Paint damage by welding operations shall be restored to the original condition. Surfaces to be painted that will be inaccessible after construction, erection, or installation operations shall be painted before they become inaccessible.

Surface Blasting:
The surfaces to be painted shall be dry blast cleaned to SSPC-SP-10 requirements. The blast profile unless otherwise specified shall be 1.5 to 2.5 mils as measured by ASTM D 4417, Method C.
Appropriate abrasive blast media shall be used to produce the desired surface profile and to give an angular anchor tooth pattern. If recycled blast media is used, an appropriate particle size distribution shall be maintained.
The standard size kit consist of one gallon of Component-A, one gallon Component-B, and 50 lbs. of Zinc Dust (Component-C) packaged in 3 gallon pail.

To prepare this paint for application, combine components A & B, and while the mixture is being vigorously stirred with a heavy duty power stirrer, sift in the zinc dust (Component-C). Continue the stirring until the zinc dust has been well dispersed and mixture is smooth. The mixed paint shall, at some point, be strained through a 30-60 mesh screen to prevent slugs from reaching the spray gun nozzle.
Where thinning is required, either Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or ALC-50 shall be used with the latter preferred for general use.
The pot life of the mixed material, extended from time to time by the addition of small amounts of thinner, will normally be in excess of 24 hours, but may be less in very warm weather.
Stir the material continuously after mixing and during application.

Safety Precautions:
(A) Use normal precautions such as gloves, facemasks.
(B) Adequate ventilation must be maintained.
(C) Explosion proof lights & electrical equipment.
(D) Non-Sparking shoes & tools for workers in area.
(E) This product contains flammable materials. Forbid all flames, smoking and welding in work area.
(F) Avoid breathing of vapor, contact with skin or eyes. If product comes in contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical attention.

The technical data listed herein has been compiled for your convenience and guidance, and is based upon our experience and knowledge. However, since we have no control over the use of this information of this product, no warranty expressed or implied, is intended or given. Simco Coatings, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for coverage, performance, or any other damages, including injuries resulting from use of this information or of products recommended herein.

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