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1. Primer Green, Type-1, Formula 150
2. Topcoat Haze Gray, Type-1, Formula 151
3. Topcoat White, Type-1, Formula 152
4. Topcoat Black, Type-1, Formula 153-RO=1.8
5. Topcoat Dark Gray, Type-1, Formula 154-RO=3.6
6. Topcoat Dark Gray, Type-1, Formula 155-RO=6
7. Topcoat Red, Type-1, Formula 156
8. Topcoat No. 50 Gray, Type-1, Formula 157
9. Primer Yellow, Type-1, Formula 158

Description: These are Epoxy-Polyamide coatings, designed to conform the specific composition and performance requirements of Federal Specifications - MIL-P-24441/1 through MIL-P-24441/9, and are recommended to be used for painting particular areas aboard ship such as: bridges, tanks and exterior underwater hull. Where air pollution regulations for solvents in marine coatings apply, Type-II coatings, the "Exempt" version designated by Rule-66 are also available.

Technical Data

Surface Preparation:
All surfaces to be coated must be dry and cleaned free of rust, oil, dirt, soil and other contaminants. For general use steel should be blast cleaned to a minimum of commercial grade SSPC SP-6". For severe service and sustained immersion, "Near White" SSPC SP-10 is recommended.
For best results apply when surface temperature is above 50 F (10 C) and a minimum of 5 F (3 C) above the dew point, and relative humidity is no greater than 85%.

Spray recommended. Brush or roller may be used with additional thinning required. Care should be taken to achieve required film build.

Conventional Spray:
DeVilbiss MBC-510 spray gun "E" Fluid Tip #704, #765 or #78 Air Cap.

Airless Spray:
Use of spray tips with 0.015" to 0.021" orifice is suggested depending on available pressure and job conditions, with a minimum of 2800 PSI tip pressure.

Safety Precautions:
(A) Use normal precautions such as gloves, facemasks.
(B) Adequate ventilation must be maintained.
(C) Explosion proof lights & electrical equipment.
(D) Non-Sparking shoes & tools for workers in area.
(E) This product contains flammable materials. Forbid all flames, smoking and welding in work area.
(F) Avoid breathing of vapor, contact with skin or eyes. If product comes in contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical attention.

The technical data listed herein has been compiled for your convenience and guidance, and is based upon our experience and knowledge. However, since we have no control over the use of this information of this product, no warranty expressed or implied, is intended or given. Simco Coatings, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for coverage, performance, or any other damages, including injuries resulting from use of this information or of products recommended herein.
Color & Finish: Primers - flat, Topcoat - Low to medium sheen
Generic Type: Epoxy Resins and polyamide curing agents
Pigment Type: Chemically resistant pigments
Solvent Type: Aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbon; Alcohol and glycol ether
Flash Point: 99F (37 F) PMC
Solids by Volume 58% - 60%, depending on color.
Recommended DFT: Primers-3.0-4 mils (75-100 microns); Topcoats-2.0-3.0 mils (50-75 microns)
Coverage (Theoretical) @ 1 mils Approximately 845 to 900 sq.ft./gal.
Coverage (Theoretical) @ 3 mils Approximately 280 to 300 sq.ft/gal. The actual coverage will be less depending upon application, technique, job conditions and type of surface to be coated
Shelf Life 12 months
Recommended Thinner: MIL-24441 Thinner
Average VOC 335 grams / liter, 2.80 lbs. / gal.
Resistance to:
(A) Dry Heat Up to 200 F
(B) Weather Excellent
(C) Moisture Excellent
(D) Acid Good
(E) Alkali Very Good
(F) Adhesion Excellent
Drying Time @ 75F:
To touch 2 hours
Dry hard 6 hours
To topcoat 12 hours
Potlife: 6 hours min. at 75F
Package: A two component material with base and curing agent supplied in separate packages. Mix ratio in equal volumes.

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