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Description: RCC-II is an acid type corrosion removing and conditioning compound that neutralizes alkaline residues when applied on metal surfaces. Through chemical reaction, RCC-II converts rust (oxides of Iron) into Iron Phosphate and provides a slight etching action for ferrous and nonferrous metals, which enhances the adhesion of paint or corrosion preventatives.

Application: RCC-II is an excellent metal treatment and rust remover, as well as a good brightener for copper, brass and aluminum. Rusty or new metal treated with RCC-II provides a tenacious phosphate film on the metal as an excellent base for most paints.
1. Brush or chip off loose rust and scale.
2. Brush or spray RCC-II on metal. Allow 1-4 hours for complete chemical reaction. (Time will vary depending on the condition of the metal surface).
3. Repeat if any rust remains untreated. Allow to dry between painting.

P.S. RCC-II may be used as received or diluted as much as 1 part product to 2 parts water when priming new metal. When diluted 1:2, it is not necessary that the solution be hosed off. Simply allow the material to dry and paint.

Availability: RCC-II is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Handling: Observe warning labels on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

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