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Waterborne & Solventless Coatings

1.) Simkote-2004 Water Based Tank Coating

General Description:
Simkote-2004 is a two-part high solids water based coating formulated from specifically designed acrylic polymer and inorganic pigments.

Principle Features & Usage:
1. Excellent corrosion and water resistance
2. Can be applied over clean tight rust surfaces
3. Excellent adhesion to variety of substrates including concrete, steel, wood, and cement
4. Tough, hard, flexible coating insures long life
5. Non-hazardous, contains no solvents
6. Non-slip and good visibility

Recommended Application:
1. Seawater or fresh water ballast tanks
2. Void spaces subject to condensation
3. Cargo holds, hatch covers and interior of barges
4. As a lining for potable water tanks
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

2.) Shield Kote-2010 W.B. D-Con Strippable Coating

General Description:
A single package, water based vinyl modified strippable plastic coating

Principle Features & Usage:
1. Suitable for decontaminating areas polluted with radioactive materials
2. Seals potential airborne contaminants
3. Shields personnel from smearable contaminants
4. Can be applied over contaminated substrates like steel, concrete, wood and aluminum by spraying or roller
5. Produces an easy strippable film, which cleans the substrate with easily disposable compact waste
6. Provides a protective film over clean substrate against future contaminants
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

3.) Floatkoat-2003

General Description:
Floatkoat is designed for use as a rust preventative in tanks used for saltwater ballast. It is a floatation type rust preventative and deposits itself as a protective film on adjunct tank surfaces during ballasting and deballasting operations. Sandblasting or other elaborate surface preparation is not necessary. Floatkoat may be applied directly to mill scale and tight rust.
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

4.) Waveguard-3000 Splash Zone Compound

General Description:
Waveguard-3000 is a two component solvent free epoxy coating specifically developed for application to wet surfaces.

Principle Features & Usage:
1. Adheres to wet substrates
2. Cures rapidly both in air or while immersed in fresh or salt water
3. Protects against costly damage due to impact and abrasion from work boats, debris and ice.
4. Recommended to arrest corrosion in splash zone areas of bulkheads, pilings, bridge abatements, drilling rigs, water and sewerage treatment tanks and other marine structures
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

5.) Pit-Guard 3900 Solvent Free Epoxy Pit Filler

General Description:
Pourable Epoxy Repair Kit based on a two component solvent free epoxy formulated for application by pouring for on site rehabilitation of pitted steel bottoms in storage tanks and in cargo and ballast tanks of ships.

6.) Fenomastic-502 W.B. Water Proof Acrylic Based Exterior/Interior Coatings

General Description:
Simco 502-WB, white finish is a water based acrylic finish designed for exterior and interior concrete, stucco, cement and cinder block, brick, wood and metal surfaces. It provides a tough durable and easy-to-clean finish with excellent weathering properties. It is unaffected by intensive sunlight and high humidity levels and it dries quickly. It can be applied to damp surfaces and over previously painted surfaces.
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

7.) Aquaflex-510 Waterborne Acrylic Based Top Coat

General Description:
Simco Aquaflex-510 is a one-component ready mixed finish paint based on a water reducible modified acrylic emulsion and a mixture of rust inhibitive pigments. The coating is designed to be used on properly prepared metal surfaces for new construction and maintenance where light to moderate chemical and high humidity exposure is a problem.

Principle Features & Usage:
1. Eliminates solvent odors, hazards and environmental problems.
2. Good color and gloss retention
3. Easy application by airless and conventional spray
4. Forms a hard durable film with excellent resistance to mechanical damage

Conforms to the specification of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for the waterborne bridge coating system
Product Data Sheet          Product Data Sheet (PDF Format)

8.) Waterborne Traffic and Airfield Marking Paint

Available in: White, Yellow, and Black colors

9.) Fenomastic-500 W.B.

General Description:
A high performance acrylic emulsion latex exterior for wood and masonry


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